Tuesday, January 24, 2012

::new lens - will you marry me::

 I have been on the new camera hunt.  My camera savings plan has been growing in a slow but steady format.  I almost don't want to talk about it because I don't want my camera to catch me cheating on it.  I really love my camera, its just falling apart.  But as a temporary fix I bought my camera a new friend.  

I got a Nikon 50mm 1.8 lens.  Here is the link to amazon if you want more detail.  It does work with auto focus - I can't live without auto focus.  This type of lens is a fixed lens, which means that it doesn't allow you to have any zoom.  You are the zoom.  This is the perfect lens for shooting pictures of a new little baby boy that needs to come out RIGHT STINKING NOW, but is coming no later than February 3rd.  This kind of lens gives you a very shallow depth of field.  Now what the coo-coo does that mean?  Let me show you.

 Here is a picture I just took for one of Josh's tools he is selling on Ebay. 
(He is in a mood to start some new hobbies so he sells his old stuff to fund his new stuff.  It usually happens about ever 18 months or so.  But we are talking len's not Ebay.)
My new lens makes things very crisp.  Notice that the black section of the tool is very sharp, but everything else starts to get fuzzy.  I love this kind of focus because it makes you subconsciously focus on the only area in focus.  Which with a baby or kid is usually the eyes.  Sometimes a sweet little hand or foot, but usually the eyes. 

 Here is another example.  Lily and I are working on a rainbow mailbox that we will post on soon.  I was trying to get some fun pictures of it with my new lens.  The camera focused on the line between the red and the orange, and everything else fades to various degrees of focus.  I love this kind of look.  

I can't wait to start taking baby pictures with this lens.  I have been on a photography break but I am getting really close to starting back up again. 

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