Friday, January 13, 2012

::36 weeks::

Today I went in to the OB for a check up and an ultrasound.  This ultrasound was to check on how big this little man is right now.  Since Max was a beast my OB wants an idea of how big this monster is so that if he is being stubborn about showing up we can use his weight as a factor in deciding what to do next.  

Quinn came in at 6lb 4 oz.  Which is the 68th percentile.  Nice.  Not huge, but good.  He got an 8 out of 8 on his bio-physical profile.  Very good.  He is head down, still a boy, and got a clean bill of health.  February 3rd is still the go to date.  I go back next week to double check his amniotic fluid, which was a bit on the low side of normal.  Not super low, just a tick.  I am dilated to 2cm and 50% effaced.  That's further than I ever got with the other kids outside of a hospital.   



  1. This is so exciting. I have never been dilated or effaced even though both kids have been at their due date, hence having two c sections. Keep us posted.

  2. Whoeee, I'm dancing for you all! (try NOT to imagine the absurd picture) I LOVE my visits here and have been away too long. Talk about pinning - I'm gonna pin everything YOU'VE been up to. <3 Yay Lily the performer!!! My dd would be sooo jealous (bless her heart she is NOT a singer). What a super fantabulous party! Max is too adorable! I made Jack a Wild Things themed Christmas several years ago and he still adores the costume. What a happy Mom you must be. You DESERVE it! Praying for a full term, easy n blessed birth for dear Quinn!



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