Friday, January 6, 2012

::Quinn's take home shirt::

Josh isn't in to baby prep.  He would never pick out bedding with me.  He would actually roll his eyes if I even brought up buying bedding.  "For a baby?  Why?  We have sheets and stuff already."  He is right and it keeps my spending under control.  Plus the boys are going in one room together as soon as possible.  BUT - I showed him this shirt and he insisted that I buy it for Quinn to come home in.  I think it is the only baby item he has ever wanted me to buy.

We bought it off etsy.  Link here to get one of your own. 

I tried to get a baby bow tie as well, but got a MAJOR veto from Josh of the fashion police. 


  1. That shirt is so cool. Totally loving it and I am almost wanting to have another one now. Although I will keep it in mind if one of my friends ever is to have another little one.

  2. love the shirt! can't wait to see what the newest shorty looks like! we really do need to get all these cute kids together one of these days...



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