Sunday, January 8, 2012

::our goaties::

I love goaties.  Just love them.  People see them and always ask, "What do you do with the goats?"  My answer is, "The same thing we do with the Donkey - nothing."  They are just pets and toys and lovies and entertainment.  And I couldn't love them more.  We have so much fun with them.
We currently have six goats, all males are neutered (which in goats is called wethered).

Bob the Goat Dead Last
Nigerian Dwarf 
Born: March 2007
Oh my Bobbie - I just love your silly goat face.  He was dehorned fairly poorly as a baby and his horns grown partially back in all kinds of terrible shapes.  He is the friendliest old man around.  He gets last place at fair often, which is how he got his name, but the girls still always want to take him.  He is our "Miss Congeniality".

Nigerian Dwarf
Born: (bob's twin) March 2007
Ernie has grown on me.  He doesn't have Bob's stellar personality, but he has become my buddy.  I think he figured out that if you are only going to be a lovie to one person make it the person who decides if you stay or get sold.  He and Bob love each other so much that I can't ever think about separating them.

Willow (also known as Grandma)
Pygmy doe - retired from breeding
Willow is the grandma of our two twin pygmy youngsters.  She and I have similar problems.  We both LOVE babies and we both love to eat.  Willow had so many nice babies for her last owner that she got retired from breeding.  She doesn't seem to know that.  She wants in with our baby goats all the time.  Willow is very motherly.  She is also VERY fat.  A pygmy goat looks really cute fat, but its as healthy for them as it is for us.  She got put on a grain free diet with Bob and Ernie.  I do give her a few cookies every now and then just to make her love me.

All the babies will be one this spring
Bo is a great young guy.  He begs for treats and is a favorite with the kids.  We will have lots of fun with this little guy. 

A little shy but so pretty.  She is Bo's twin.  I can't wait to have some babies from her next year.  

My baby girl. Yes I gave her CPR when she was born.  Link here for her whole story.  She is the friendliest little baby since Bob.  I adore her.  She will be with me forever.

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  1. I love it when you post about your animals. Bob just looks like he has a good joke to share. Anyone named Ernie has to be a keeper. Willow looks like a grandma full of love and wisdom. Bo just looks like a winner. Betty is just a beauti. And it is so good to see Nelly all grown up.



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