Sunday, January 22, 2012

::winter garden projects::

I am nesting.  Like a crazy person.  So I give myself permission to not actually do these this winter if I end up with a baby that hates crafts.  

I lost my breath when I saw this mailbox.  We have an extra mailbox sitting in the barn waiting to be installed.  I can't wait to make this puppy.  I have been gathering my random paints and I can't wait to buy the rest in sample sizes.  Oh rainbow - I love you so.    

 I have a bowling ball that I found in my attic.  He has lots of character and I just toss him into open space in my garden.  Josh tried to pick him as a small watermelon several times.  But this year he wants a makeover.  A cheap makeover. 

I have a bag from my father inlaw of Mike's Hard Lemonade lids.  I wanted to cover a post in my garden with them.  But now I am kind of falling in love with something along this project line. 

The chickens are getting some kind of movable coop this year.  They can't be let to really free range when the garden is in full swing.  They eat my watermelons and I don't want to share.  I want to build them a coop that I can move every three weeks to provide them fresh grazing space but keep them out of were they are not invited.  I had this super elaborate plan in my head, but this baby would prefer a quick easy A frame coop.  Here is one example. 
This whimsical garden sign is a must.  It is one of the first things I ever found on pintrest and I have been jonsing to make it.  Plus I feel it is a baby friendly project.  You can start and stop it often.  If it takes forever that is fine.  I may have to make all the signs different color letters because my rainbow side just can't help it.  At Christmas I had the kids help me come up with places that meant something to us-
Abbey Road - since Josh and I danced at our wedding to "When I'm 64"
Diagon Alley, Hogwarts, or Hogsmead
Tri-State Area - from Finn/Ferb
Tortuga Island - the pirate island in pirates of Caribbean
Emerald City and The Shire
Who Ville or Mount Crumpet - from the Grinch
Castle Rock - I am a big Stephen King person
Island of Misfit Toys - Rudolph
Radiator Springs - from Cars
Pixie Hallow - Tinkerbell
Pride Rock - Lion King
Agrabah - Alladin
Monstropolis - Monster Inc. 

I love the thrifty idea of these cans into flowers - but I worry about the kid friendly part of this.  Are they sharp?  But the colors I could do - purrrrr. 

Go to pintrest to see links to these images. 

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  1. I love that mailbox - but my husband would flip! LOL. And the sign idea is really cool :)

    There was a bowling ball here when we moved in, and we tossed it. A little while later I saw that penny idea and I wished I hadn't tossed it!



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