Friday, January 20, 2012


My little Lily tried out for a part in Willie Wonka that was WAY beyond her reach.  The director promised her a part as a main Oompa Loompa, with a small solo, but my Lily was determined to try out for a bigger part.  This meant a full audition with a one minute song and a one minute monologue done in front a casting group.  Mom's not even allowed in the room.  I was impressed with her bravery.  Very impressed, but I warned her that she wasn't even really old enough to do the audition.  I got a special exception from the director to even let her try out.  Age cut off was nine and she is only 8.  We practiced ever night for three weeks.  She got it so fast but I still made her go over it many times.  Many times.  I wanted her perfectly prepared, so it wouldn't shake her confidence for the future.  I sent in that sweet little baby to do her audition.  She came out telling me she nailed it.  But I was still concerned that she was just too young.  I know I am her mother, but that kid really does have some talent as a musician/singer and as an actor.  She practised her parts like a pro, but so much of all this is politics and all that kind of silliness.  When the emailed casting list came in two days later I was thinking of ways to tell her the results.  

Well - SHE GOT THE PART SHE WANTED!!!!  Violet Beurgaurd.  She freaked out.  I actually had to protect my baby belly from her she was so crazy happy she just about tackled me.  I was so proud of her for trying, but I am so happy for her that she got what she wanted.  Being her mom is the coolest. 


  1. That will be SO fun to see! Love you

  2. Congrats to Lily!! Sounds like fun!

  3. Amazing Lily! Absolutely wonderful!

  4. Can I tell you that Willy Wonka is my most favorite movie in the world? I own both versions and can recite it by heart. Tell Lilly I can practice with her ;) YAY! congrats! Tell her to start practicing gum chewing NOW.

  5. Woo Hoo!! Congratulations to Lily! This inspires me greatly! We must all reach for our dreams!



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