Thursday, January 12, 2012

::crap! When is this baby due?::

February 3rd.  No joke.  That is feeling very soon.  

I really had nothing done as of a week ago, because -
First - the biggest problem at all times is the dream killer - budget.  Quinn's decor budget is zero.  
Second - he is a fourth baby.  I got rid of everything after Max and the Great Mistake (the vasectomy that since got reversed).  But still - I just don't feel the need to pimp out a room for him.  I am going  to go hog wild on the shared room for Quinn and Max, which will happen as soon as Quinn is a decent sleeper.  (He currently has an elbow visibly sticking out of my belly.) 
Third - it feels unlucky.  Like if I get too ready for him, he will not come.  Jews have a cultural thing that they sometimes do that is to not buy anything for the baby till it is born.  I can kind of relate to that.  I'm not sure why they do it, but to me I just feel like it is tempting fate to get him too settled in before he is even born.  

But, ready or not he is coming and I don't want to spend the first three days home frantically throwing his stuff together.  Here is what I decided was the bare minimum to have done.  

1. I have his FREE car seat from my lovey Amy ready with the fuzzy winter cover on it.

2.  I have a few things set aside for him to take to the hospital - just a few outfits and socks.  I am notorious with poor Josh (the carrier of my luggage) as an over packer.  Not this time.
3.  I washed all of Quinn's clothes and folded/hung them up.  I got everything from the wonderful Mrs Maurer and I found one box of boys baby clothes in the attic that didn't get purged. He is set.  

4.  Organize the lockers as a dresser - basket for socks, shoes, bibs, pants, hats, blankets.  This locker is so stinking cool and I have really barely used it so far.  I will add shelves and use the space better in the future.  

5. Changing station in the family room

6.  Raise the crib mattress and move Max into extra bed in Lily's room.  He is not in to this idea.

7.  My breast pump is organized and ready to rock in case of engorgement - something I wish I had known with Lily.  I don't plan on using the bottles for awhile but they are ready to go. 
8.  The pack and play (MAURERS!), bouncy seat (MORE MAURERS), and swing (love me my Hannah) are ready to go.  And all free!  I need to set up a baby toy basket in the family room.  (With more free Maurer donations).
A blanket I actual bought this kid.
By going through and getting serious about setting things up I realized I had a bunch more stuff than I thought I did.  The breast pump, a boppy, a play mat, a mobile, etc.  It really is going to be just fine, and I have spent almost nothing putting it all back together.   

PS- the other day someone asked me if I meant to get pregnant with Quinn.  I told her, "He is a post vasectomy reversal, post age 30, fourth round, post infant loss baby.  Yes - I very much meant to get pregnant with him."

PSS- I love watching an entire series from start to finish while on leave - Oz, Sex and the City, The Sopranos - what should I watch this time?


  1. Gosh it sure is coming around fast!! You have done really well on a $0 budget.

    What about watching Desperate Housewives? Do you get that show over there?

    Michelle :o)

  2. I had almost nothing ready for my first one due to a planned move when she was a week old. For my second I had it all, but since she was going to share room with big sis there was no primping out any room for them then.
    It is also interesting how many thing we find that we don't need for our second or third child and sometimes we find that we need something absolutely different for one child than the other. My oldest was perfectly happy in a bouncy seat, while my youngest had to have a swing.
    You look like you are all set and organized, ready for whatever may come.

  3. Please let me know if you need anything!! You can borrow the newborn lounger or clothes or anything!! We didn't have either of the boys rooms done when they arrived but reids was closer than Jacks. Excited for you and your family!! I want to see you while you are on leave...we must get together!!



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