Monday, January 30, 2012

::what to bring to the hospital - having a baby::

I love a  good list.  When Lily was born I got online and backed up two suitcase worth of things to take with us to the hospital.  We had all kinds of birthing aids and a CD player and all sorts of other unneeded things.  Now that we are on baby 4 I think I have a much better idea of what I actually need.

Here is my packing list:
Head band 
     I can't stand my hair in my face

His and her's tooth brushes

Tooth paste



Hair bands

Shampoo and conditioner

Body soap

Body lotion

Makeup bag 
     You will get lots of pictures taken, when my Dr says its time to push I take a few minutes to add my makeup.  I am not a huge makeup person but with all the picture taking I have not regretted adding some mascara before hand.  Vain - maybe, but its the only time I am in the picture not taking it. 

White nail polish to touch up my french pedicure 
     I will looking at my toes and my OCD side will freak out if my   polish gets chipped

One pair of jammies
     You will be bleeding and leaking all kinds of gross stuff.  Nasty but true.  Don't hesitate to just wear the hospital gowns and get them gross.  You don't have to wash them.

Slipper and fun robe

Camera and charger

Ipad and charger

Extra Iphone charger

Going home in clothes
     If you are very lucky or 17 then bring your prebaby clothes.  If your not so lucky don't be sad to go home in your maternity clothes.  It's not a big deal.  Don't worry - your going to get your hot body back if you want to.

Baby clothes and hats (two or so for each day you plan to stay)

Two to three cute baby blankets (mostly for pictures)

Two swaddle bags

Ear plugs to rest in the too loud hospital
Pillows with fresh cases

Snacks (lots!  Candy to keep Josh happy)

Nursing bra's (I just like front snap bra's, nursing bra's to be are uncomfortable)

Josh clothes

A gift for Max and one for Lily - something for each to play with while they wait

Now that the rest of my crew will be waiting in the lobby with family they need major entertainment too.  There bag has:
Candy for each
Ipod with charger
Leap Frog Tag reader with books and extra betteries
Leap Frog Leap Pad with extra batteries
DVD player with charger and movies
Polly pockets for mass distraction

Now what else??

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  1. flip flops for shower...other then that you have it covered! You old pro! Cant wait to meet Quinn...where are you delivering at?



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