Sunday, May 8, 2011

::best mothers day gift ever - a sukkah::

 Look what Josh made me!

 So I can stare at this.
Which will shortly be covered with fruits and veggies.
I came up for the idea of the log gazebo last year, but I wasn't sure how to do it.
Good thing my personal Jack of all trades knew how to build it.
(Because the ideas I had for it, would have blown down)
It took me a good half hour just to agonize over were to put it.  
The spot we finally decided on had a dying old pine tree that need to come down.  
We decided it's stump will be the base of a table that will be built soon.

 He started measuring all these crazy things and making X's on the ground with paint. 
Max thought he was very helpful.

See the puppy?  It's like a Waldo picture.

He dug the corner post four foot deep.

Then out came the tree,
I have been FORBIDDEN to learn how to use the chain saw.
If you know me then you can see why.
I can't cut an apple with out needing stitches.

 This is my reflection from the bottom of once of the corner posts.

The frame is 14 foot on each side.
These tree's were some trees on part of the property that had to be cut down, so they got upcycled.

When he first put them in they were crazy tall and had to be cut to size.  

He notched them with his chain saw so the next layer would fit.  Like a Lincoln Log.

Then he did the same thing to the next layer.
Today he will drill in metal dowels and rope to secure the corners. 

AMAZING start.
Now we are going to use a few more branches across the top and some wire to make a grid for GRAPES to grow on.  
And we need to trim down that center stump and build the table 
(I am thinking round and BIG).
What do people suggest for the flooring?  Think CHEAP. 

We could decide, is it an arbor, a gazebo, and trestle.  What's the difference?
My best friend Hannah came over last night.  She is Jewish and when she saw this she called it a sukkah(soo-ca).  Which is an outdoor structure that you eat under the stars in.  It has something to do with the 40 years that the Jews wondered the desert and had to eat outside.  She called it a sukkah all night, so that is now what we are calling it.  The name suits it.    

Total cost - $0.00  




  1. I love your sukkah! I love how it ties together your garden, yard, and family. It will be both beautiful and useful. I wish my hubby was handy...

  2. It is going to be beautiful. Yeay for Josh.

  3. I love this! I have to say I'm a little jealous because I have been wanting my husband to build me something like this for 2 years! He just never has the time, stupid job gets in the way ha!

  4. I think crushed granite would make a fabulous flooring for you! You could put down an outdoor rug over it when you wanted so you could walk barefoot, but it's easy upkeep and looks so pretty (it's nice and sparkly in the sunlight).

    A great job and what a nice Mother's Day present!

  5. Brooke - This is incredible. I love that your hisband used all natural wood - it's gorgeous! I can not wait to see what you have planned for this space! Thanks so much for linking to the Sunday Showcase Party - I greatly appreciate it. I have featured this. Hope you are having a great week ~ Stephanie Lynn



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