Thursday, May 26, 2011

::tea's over, now what::

Well the tea party happened.
My big distraction is over.
So, now what?

Don't you worry.
The lists are being refined.

Here's my current edition

1. Turn focus to the triplets birthday party.  Which is going to rock the house.

2.  Clean the playroom.  Not just a quick company-is-coming-over-shove-it-all-in-baskets clean.  I slow all day clean every basket and nook and cranny.  Put about 1/2 the toys away in the attic to rotate through.  There is just too much crap in there right now and it is visually overwhelming.  To kids and me.  DONE

3.  Keep eyes open for KILLER idea's for Lily's science party in September and my friend Becky's baby shower in October.

4.  Get ready for a summer of photo shoots.  GULP.  I have 2 different sets of quads to shoot plus 8!!! other families set up, and TWO different senior pictures to do.  Scheduled and ready to party.  That's a lot for me, and I am nervous about it.  But I am always nervous about it.

5.  PURGES!!!  The attic needs a full empty and redo before it gets to hot to go up there.
      I want a holiday area, long term storage area, kids clothes area, luggage area, toy rotation area, and ???

6.  All closets in the entire house need a remodel and need their purpose maximized. 

7.  ANIMALS!!  Time to start training the new babies to walk on leashes for fair.  The pony also needs some major loving because he is bored to death.  I need to clean out the chicken coop.  I need to clean out the old goat pen so that the dogs can use it better.

T2D in my notebook:  (PS-thanks for the post it love note Blythe.  Loved it)
Triplets birthday
Dogs to the vet - one at a time and to low cost place
Luna needs puppy class (humane society???)
Get back on the alphabet wall
Paint my Dad's shelves he made
Fix up goodwill kids cabinet
Fall in love with pinterest
Set up Lily summer curiculum

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  1. I really need to make a list too. Well, I sort of have, but I need to put it on paper so I can cross things out. The birthday party is well ahead. What did you think of my invitations?



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