Wednesday, May 11, 2011

::junior high is a big deal::

The junior high dance is a big deal -
To Emma. 
I was called over to her mothers house as the photographer.  
I accepted my mission.

Chucks always go with a formal event.

Josh wouldn't even look at her. 
Starting to crack...


Random poppy that just looked too pretty to not take pictures of. 

Luna was a big help.  
Not at all actually. 

Some day soon I will be taking junior high pictures of this kid.

I totally get the fact that I didn't give birth to this kid.
But I choose her.
I choose to marry her Dad.
And I was so in love with this little kid, too.
I love the little tween she has become.  


  1. The thought of this makes me feel physically ill. Thank goodness I have MANY years! ;o)

  2. Love the pictures of her and her dad. Actually all your pictures are amazing.
    I'm so excited that for the kids bday I have talked one of my friends in to gift them with new family pictures taken at a park. It has been two years since our last ones.



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