Tuesday, May 10, 2011

::look at my melons::

 Melon puns all summer long!!!  That what you have to look forward to!
Seriously.  It's time to plant the summer crops.
Josh retilled my new orchard garden and I got to work.

 Lily happily played with the worms.
What a little farm kid.
I am big in to sticks as garden tools.  In this case I used them to mark my rows.
Then I used the tape measure were my melon mounds would be. 

 I marked the location of the mounds with more sticks. 

 Then I went back and made the mounds at the markers.  
I then placed one stick in the middle of each mound. 

HEAVY grass clippings mulch finished it off.
The only problem is that Josh said it looks like a puppy graveyard (90% of the reason he said that was to get me to have a reaction, which I did).  But those melons better come up fast because it does sort of look like a small animal graveyard.  Just a little too "Pet Cemetery" for me.

 Then these babies finally got their home.

Josh retilled this row too.  We dug holes about two times the size of the plants, filled it with peat moss, and planted my pretty berries.
Which is my fear with everything I plant.  
Heavy grass mulch on these pretties has them all tucked in.  
Two down, MANY more to go. 

See my two little raspberries?  On each side of the monster wild raspberry that Josh wanted to transplant in?  We will see how that all goes.  This is all a big experiment and I really have ZERO idea what I am doing with the raspberries. 

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