Friday, May 27, 2011

::tomatoes up the wazoo::

Big fun.  BIG fun.  I choose a bunch of different varieties to plant this year.  I picked some based on size and some just on color.  I just wanted types that sounding interesting.  If I hate them, surely someone at work will eat them.  Here is a list of what types of tomatoes I planted and how big the finished fruit is.  Once they actually come up and I will review them and see if they live up to their hype. 

Fourth of July Hybrid (49days, yes I said 49, 4oz)

I’ve got two of these little babies growing like weeds in the orchard garden. The early factor is the only reason I tried them out, but if they don’t taste great they are off next years list.

Big Mama Hybrid (80 days, 8oz)

“Enormous, incredibly meaty fruit, up to 5” long and 3” across. Practically seedless, sauces lot of time peeling and coring; perfect for tasty sauces.” I am super excited for these puppies too. I plan to can the tar out of them. I planted 4 in the orchard garden.

Big Rainbow (80days, 16+oz)

“This colorful variety is bright yellow streaked with scarlet.” And it is a crazy shape. I can’t wait to try out this puppy. I have one in the cottage garden and one back in the orchard.

Black Krim (80 days, 8oz)

“Very dark maroon, tasty beefsteak that originated in Crimea. Offers incredible tangy flavor, and delightful juicy texture.” These suckers are so cool. Some may think they look rotten, but they are just so visually interesting to me. I can’t wait for them to show up. I have one in the cottage garden and one in the orchard garden.

Italian Ice (65 days, cherry)

“Sugary sweet bursting with juicy flavor.” I can’t wait on these. I think I am most excited for them. They are white and I plan to eat lots of them. But I also know that one cherry tomato plant goes a long way. So, I only planted one out in the orchard garden.

Sunny Boy Hybrid (75 days, one pound)

“With bright, luminous flavor, this yellow tomato is edible sunlight.”

Who can argue with that? How can I not grow this sucker? I planted two of these. One in the cottage garden and one in the orchard garden.

Orange Wellinton (75 days, 12oz)

“Bursting with flavor, here’s a tomato you’ll want to have dinner with, or lunch or the occasional snack.”

I really wanted to try an orange tomato and this one fit the bill. I have two in the ground. One in the cottage garden and one in the orchard garden.

Burpee’s Supersteak Hybrid (80 days, 32oz)

“The original giant with beefsteak taste and meaty texture.” I wanted to grow at least one that was big enough to be startling. I have two in the orchard garden.

Red October (68 days, 8oz)

“Keeps for up to 16 weeks. Hangs on the vine longer without softening, too. Great flavor and color.” 16 weeks???? That’s wonderful. That 16 weeks of BLT’s. Bring it. Two of these puppies out in the orchard garden.

Brandy Wine Pink (85 days, 14oz)

“Rich flavored, potato leaf pink heirloom, from 1885. One of the best tasting tomatoes of all time .” What a potato leaf?? I guess I am going to find out. I have two of these in my orchard garden.

Super sweet 100 Hybrid (70days, cherry)

I planted one of these little guys out in the orchard. You have to have at least one red cherry tomato plant or what kind of gardener are you?

Any favorite types I missed? Things I should consider for next year?  Which one looks/sounds best to you? 

Again - once these tomatoes come in I will measure them and taste them (lots) to see if they match their description.  Maybe I should have a tomato party?


  1. You are stressing me out by asking me to pick my favorite. I want to try/would love ALL of them! Tomato party? Heck yes :)

  2. You have some really interesting ones that I will have to try. That crimson one is one I've been wanting to try FOREVER. It looks so cool. I've never seen white ones before. They are now on my list!

    I have a tiny, side yard at my rental home (where I container garden mostly because I'm not supposed to dig in the yard). But I have a few you don't have that you might want to try. I tried them for the shape. They are Tom Thumb, Jelly Bean, Pear, yellow cherry, and Uglies. I don't know their proper names off the top of my head. We have so many great shapes in the garden and I love it. I also love the red and yellow of the tomatoes. I planted one that was supposed to be striped and only one tomato is growing! All my others are over laden. We are pulling off at least 30 tomatoes a day! LOVE this! Can't wait to see pictures of your intriguing tomatoes!


  3. We have a table out our small local farmers' market. My husband hates to eat tomatoes, but he loves to grow a variety of them. We get our heirlooms from Seedsavers and if you haven't found them yet, you should go to their website and request a catalog. A few years back we had really good luck with a grape tomato called Mexican Midgets. I'm interested in seeing your opinions so we can add some new varieties to our garden next year. What catalog did you order from?

  4. I am planting mine this weekend! i just got my plants from a little stand i saw a homeade sign for...heirloom Abraham Lincoln and big rainbow (or something like that, its yellow!)



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