Wednesday, May 25, 2011

::tea party budget::

I am cheap.  Super cheap.  I have not bought Max a new item of clothing in over a year.  Everything he owns comes from the used clothing store or goodwill.

I also read all the party blogs I can find.  LOVE THEM!!  All the creativity makes me so happy.  (If you have a recommendation on one let me know)

But my cheapness and my desire to hold insane kids parties does not go hand in hand all the time.  I wanted about $500 to spend on the tea party.  But I knew that was crazy.  $250 was crazy too, but I needed a little splurge.  Just a little.  I do so much to save us money, can’t I just have this little luxury??????  That’s how I justified it to myself.  Josh seemed to buy it to, because he wasn’t on me too bad.

Here is what the party budget broke down to be.

                        Teacup crafts $6 (I had the sharpies)
                        Paper hats $0
                        Paper Trees $0 (I had it all)
                        Paper dolls $8
                        Table skirt $20 in fabric, but I hope to reuse it
                        Pink cups $10 – and I will reuse them
                        Breakables from goodwill - $25
                                    I can reuse the tea pots but I gave away the tea cups/saucers
                        Colorful pots - $30
                                    Perfect for the front porch
                        Butterflies/flowers - $30
                        Pink flat sheet - $5
                        Napkins, utensils, etc - $5
                        The rest was made from things I already had
                        Treat bags - $8
                        Envelopes - $5
                        Misc - $20
                        See food post for details $65

TOTAL:  under $240

Why waste the money on a party that isn’t even a birthday party (ie – the tea party)?  Because I needed a distraction.  Because I just wanted to focus on doing something fun for Lily and her little friends.  Because I had to cancel Max’s birthday party and I was party jonesing.  Because Because Because.  Because I did.  But after it was over, Josh and I had a big talk about what me going into party over drive does to the family.  It turns me into a bossy drill sergeant.  If everyone isn’t doing exactly what I want them to do, I go insane.  It’s a touchy environment.  He didn’t bring up the expense, but that is part of it too.  So, I have decided that this is my last random party for awhile.  Not forever.  I really want to have a Halloween party someday.  But in the next year it’s just birthday parties.  (And the GREATEST baby shower ever coming up in October for my great friend at work)

Lily’s September Party – Science
October baby shower – theme ???  AWESOMENESS
Max January Party – Dinosaur?  Red wagon? Trucks? Who knows?

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  1. Brooke, I love your parties. I would not even want to know how much I have spent on the kids party this weekend but in my defense I only get ONE Birthday party a year. So...doesn't that mean I can splurge? Haha. I have had a GREAT time getting everything anyway and I know the kids will love it. We would love it if you guys could come!



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