Thursday, May 5, 2011


The TV is a problem in my house.

We went years without turning on the TV in the playroom, but once Max got old enough to figure it out he started turning it on all the time and sitting down to do nothing.  And I let him.  It was so much easier.  I was extra selfish in my healing since Zack died in January (click my infant loss tab for details) and really just taking every moment of peace that Max would give me.  That's called babysitting, not parenting.

So it stops today.  Because I am back on my A game again.  It's time for me to start really digging down deep and getting back into STIMULATING these kids, not just maintaining them.

New rules - no playroom TV except for rare situations.  No watching random TV just because its become our nighttime pattern.  Less TV = more interaction.  Which is the goal.  My favorite part of every day is when Josh and I get to bed and talk and talk and talk about everything.  But why can't we have those conversations more often?

Side note:
My good friend at work is having some real pregnancy complications that require her to be in the hospital for at least the next three weeks till she deliveries.  We had almost exactly the same due date. (mid-early June)  She has two little girls at home and she is going to be out of the loop with them for this time period.  Send her strength and hope and acceptance and peace.

Side note two:  
 I was TL again yesterday at work.  Second time ever and I LOVED it.  And no major trauma's happened.  I was super busy and I had a great time.  I am loving work right now.  But I am still keeping my eyes open for new roads. 


  1. I am so glad to hear that you are back. The sadness over the loss will never go away, but you have found your way out of the foggyness it creates in the beginning and that is so very good.
    I have my tv connected to a powerstrip that the kids, not even the 7 year old, can touch. So when Sofie, who learned how to use the DVD player at age 14 months (she is a smart little cookie and I am so proud of her...) decides to turn the tv on, I turn the strip off. Works like a charm. Every once in a while the TV can be "broken" for a few weeks too. My my how bored we get then ;)

  2. Thanks, girl! Heart you so much! :)



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