Monday, May 16, 2011

::tea party - the food::

I really let Lily help me this time.  I made myself uncomfortable and let her really do things.  Like roll the marshmallows in the sprinkles.  I was not totally comfortable with it.  But I did it.  And it made her so happy.  And I am so glad I loosened up at least a little and got to spend some fun time with her.

For the food!!!

I tried to hold myself back.

I tried to not overwhelm myself with complicated baking that would frustrate me and take up tons of my time.  Damn you Annie's Eats - you make it look so easy.  

Plus the "bakery" area of my local Walmart always looks pretty darn good.  I am a Target snob at heart, but my empty wallet forces me to become a Walmart shopper.  And the bakery stuff is good.  Promise.  (But you must go to People of Walmart, I have submitted pictures of people I have seen before)

At the bakery section I got

Three kinds of mini cupcakes - red velvet, chocolate chip cookie, and chocolate.  Pretty little things.  $2.50 each kind for one dozen = $7

Three kinds of cookies - sugar cookies, chocolate chip dunkers, and mini snowballs.
$2 each = $6

I also got chocolate covered pretzels - because they look pretty. $3

Last I bought some fancy looking swiss rolls and cut them into fourths. $2.50

We then left the bakery area and got:

Brownie mix with chocolate icing $3.75

Cheez-it's for something salty $3.50

These weirdo little marshmallow candies called "Mallo-Licious" that are shaped like ice cream cones (Now that I actually write that they do seem a little weird) $2

Fruit - the watermelon looked good so I bought one and cut it is half to make a bowl.  The rest of the fruit was just what ever looked good.  Then I put the girls in charge of putting them onto toothpicks to make them look fancy. $16 total but we will be happy to eat the left overs

I made rice crispy treats and used a cookie cutter to cut them into flower shapes.  Then I added a little bit of melted candy on top.  But that wasn't enough so I pulled out my handy sprinkles and finished it off.  $4.30

Chocolate covered strawberry's $5
Chocolate covered strawberry marshmallows $4
    Plus sucker sticks just because I like them $2

Drinks were pink lemonade at 68 cents a 2L
    But I only bought two!!!!  What was I thinking!  Hannah came out all day Friday to help me prep.  She pointed out the error of my 2 2L logic and hooked me up with more drinkage.

Raspberry tea $2.24

Total food budget: under $65

And beer for me. 

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  1. You are in my inspiration box for my kids birthday. I am going to try to get myself a featured button today so when I feature you, you can hopefully show off my button.



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