Monday, May 23, 2011

::stupid cat digging::

 I hate the barn cats.
They dig in my garden.
They think it is a big litter box.
All the darker areas are places they have been at.
Poor zinnia's are never going to grow.

So I took the wire cutters and cut out a piece of fence from an old roll we have laying around.
I put that piece of fence over the flower beds at the front of the cottage garden.
Now the flowers can grow up and through the fence but the cats can't dig.

 I used the sticks to hold it in place. 
So far so good.
Now bring on some perfect zinnia's.



  1. I heard if you put orange peels down that keeps away the cats. An organic gardener told me that tip. I love you blog -- sometimes I wished I still lived in Indiana and worked in the NICU with you. You're an amazing friend to everyone!



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