Thursday, April 21, 2011

::triplets turn one - party planning::

All the party blogs I stalk always make them.
They are a gathering of the idea's the designer has for a party.
And I finally figured out how to make them.
Picasa - collage
It's that simple.
Just like my headers. 
(Link here to go to a tutorial about the headers)

I am super honored to get the chance to help out with "my triplets" birthday party.
They aren't really mine.
I didn't birth them.
But I did help raise them.
And I love them. 
And their parents.
I started begging to help with their first birthday party when they were still in isolettes. 
(you might know an isolette as a different word - incubator)

At first I wanted to do a monster party:

But it wasn't the perfect idea.
AND - I didn't keep track of where I got the images!
It is good manners, as well as maybe illegal, to post picture with out saying where they are from.
So -
I can't find the monster cupcakes
Monster iron on - the trendy butterfly
Monster cupcake toppers - I got nothing
Orange hat and shirt - little one boutique
Monster duckies, masks, and pop up - oriental trading company

But Dr Seuss was just right!

cake pops - cake pops shoppe
quotes hanging from the ceiling and 2 cake with cupcakes - annie's eats
table setting - link here
sassy little girl dress - aquamars boutique
thing one and two cake, party hats, goldfish/hat center piece, and photo booth with red frame prop - catch my party
I am one table - catch my party
black onsie with tie - bubbles and bugs
cupcakes - vanderbilt wife 
Stay tuned for more details!!!


  1. Awesome!! My party planning is over till September :( I wish I had others to plan for!

  2. Saw you on Anti-Procrastination. Both of those themes are great!

    My baby is turning one next month (his nursery and baby shower were monster theme!) and his birthday theme is airplanes. :)

  3. As a mom of 8 year old triplets, I can honestly say that I wish I had someone like you who would have helped me with my kiddos 1st bday party!! LOL!!
    So cute!!!



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