Saturday, April 2, 2011

::goat present::

Goats.  I LOVE THEM!!

They are so fun and cute and playful and just a total blast.   

I have wanted more for years, but something has finally been broken down in Josh.  He let me get a few more.

Somehow I convinced him to go with me to buy ONE baby goat for Shealyn (the kid I help show animals) to show in 4H.  We needed her and Emma to have even numbers to show.  Once we got to the place I couldn't pick.  There were SO many to choose from.  Seriously - like 46 babies.  Here are a few contenders. 

How can you pick one!!!  They are so adorable.  But I finally went with this one...

Meet "Alfonzy" - as named by Shealyn.  A blue eyed nigerian dwarf male, who will find himself a wether (an neutered male) as soon as I pick him up at the end of April.  Could he be any cuter?

But while trying to pick Shealyns goat I fell in love with two little pygmy girl twins.  They were so cute and fluffy and I just wanted them.  For no reason.  I just wanted to hold them and bring them home.  And for some reason Josh says, "Just get one of the fluffy ones too."  So I bought them both.  Which did not shock him at all.  Here they are...

But they need names. Please place your votes.

And I am DYING because they can't come home till the end of April too.   


  1. Yay! You picked my favorite!!! I cant wait to meet them all.

  2. Oh my goodness! I was going to tell you to go with the one that you got- "Alfonzy".

    I feel like I need to bring my kids out to your house this summer....It would probably be an extremely cultural experience for us all! hahaha!



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