Tuesday, April 19, 2011

::don't judge - new puppy::

Josh and I had a husky when we first met.  A little female named Rasta.  A very athletic dog that ended up getting hit by a train.  Josh says she wasn't hit by the train.  But her body was found next the the train tracks with no obvious injuries.  You be the judge.  Anyway...

Josh loved that dog.  And he has been going on and on about wanting another one.  Since he has been humoring me about my goats who am I do not humor him about a puppy?  We tried petfinder to rescue.  But one place turned us down because I told the truth about having a husky 9 years ago that died.  And the other place wouldn't answer our calls or emails.  Fine.  We wanted to do the right thing and rescue, but that wasn't going to work.  So we went puppy shopping.  

We looked at two litters near us, but they were not perfect.  Then we found a great lady in Fort Wayne.  Once we got a hold of her we had to rush up to see the puppies, so we ran to Lily's school and busted her out an hour early to drive up and see the babies.  It was hard to pick.  There was a little red male that was very handsome.  But this little lady stole our heart.

 So - now we have a little husky baby named Luna.  (Think Harry Potter, Luna Lovegood - we are such geeks) 

I gave him the rabbit to hold so he would leave Lily and Luna alone.

She is cute and smart and the kids love her.

BUT - I hadn't really thought about the disruption that a puppy is to schedule.  I keep reminding myself that house breaking an indoor dog is hard work.  Hell, I can't even house break Max.  But I have had puppies before and I will figure it out.  She is really cute.

PLEASE - throw any puppy tips you have my way!!!

And does anyone know anything about the "furinator" brush??


  1. Oh Brooke, Luna is adorable! As you know, we have 2 huskies... and yes the hair is a task. We do use a ferminator, it is worth the investment. The other thing that works is an undercoat brush, and a shedding blade. I think they use them on horses too. We found that crating worked well for our dogs. It was a safe place to get away from kids, and other perceived annoying things. As you can tell, I am very passionate about this breed, I love them. They love to run, they don't mind well no matter what you do, they love the snow, and have a very high prey instint, watch your little chicken ladies, and any little critters that don't fight back usually. But they are such good dogs. Every breed has their own issues... you will love this little lady, just as you did your other one! Give that little furball a kiss for me!

  2. we have a 1 y/o heeler/aussie that we crate trained successfully @ 4months & use the ferminator also-tho not as religiously as we should/could :)

    congrats on the new addition & have fun!!

  3. We have a furminator and LOVE it! I think you can get it at petsmart but cant remember what they cost.

  4. I would def recommend a furminator, the large one runs about $50, and crate training would be a good option, get like a 42" with a divider and just give her a small space and move the divider back as she grows, there was a lot of literature in the folder I gave you about crate training. It helps a lot.with Potty training because most dogs won't eliminate where they sleep, so then they learn bladder control. Good luck, Amber (the breeder)



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