Monday, April 18, 2011

::orchard start::

 Some how the kids talked their Dad into a tractor ride out to the new garden areas.
It wasn't far.
But they felt the goat needed to ride too.

The Mama goat was horrified.

To set the rows we mowed them very short first.

Then the boys tilled them. 

 Max rode on the tractor,  then he needed in his favorite place, the bucket.

Now for the current plan, since I ended up with one row less than I originally planned:
ROW 1: blueberry's with peat moss to each hole and weed mat above.  Mowed grass cover.
ROW 2: as many blueberry's as possible this year.  Fill the rest with corn.
ROW 3: Spring plants (already have done lettuce, some spinach, carrots, need to get in the rest of the spinach and parsley) - future black berry row
ROW 4: future raspberry row, plant some and do bracing.  Fill the rest with Cilantro and other summer plants

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