Sunday, April 3, 2011

::farm spring walk though::

The other day my trusty assistant Max and I walked the farm and came up with a list of things that needs to be addressed around here this year.

My Barn
Clean out goat stall and run, and add fresh bedding
Make the new goat pasture
Get all the trash out of the barn (stupid baling wire)
Clean out the dog run and add fresh bedding
Clean out my junk stall

Picture from here.
Consider plan for outdoor canning kitchen (we have an extra stove, why not?)
     Any thoughts on this? Anyone seen anything about an outdoor canning kitchen?

Prep site closer to house for large wood pile

New front yard well cover
Look for cheap bright flowers for picking garden by girls bedroom windows

Mulch beds and playground

Spray paint my garden hose frogs

Thin ugly roses out – making room for future raspberries

Plant HUGE sunflowers in front of house

Fix bed trim

Add/replace driveway railroad ties

Remove or fix up random lamp post

Back porch – powerwash, seal, fix trim, furnish and add some shade

SEE GARDEN NOTEs for additional garden space

Fix up the outhouse

Set up outdoor boot area

Thin back tree lines

Make new entrance to back hay field

Add water source to orchard and new garden

Add second clothes line


  1. I wish I could come and help out. I loved it when I was renting an old house on a sheepfarm and we got to help with the sheep and in the barn.

  2. I don't know anything about an outdoor canning kitchen, but it would be kind of nice! Our kitchen gets SO hot when I can.



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