Tuesday, April 5, 2011

::tea party - more planning::

I have a note in the calender in my iPhone

It says "focus on tea party"

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (that's me being excited)

I left myself that note a few months ago, so that I would remind myself to really get planning.


I have tweaked and updated my party plan a great deal.

These things go in cycles.   I build them up too expensive and then rip them down a bit to make them more manageable.  

One of my goals with this one is to have almost NOTHING to do the day of except set out food.  I want to focus on being more organized and less flustered the day of.

(Mostly because I almost threw up two hours before the art party I was so nervous)

The date is set for May 14th.  

I like to divide the pre-party time into chunks and assign myself chores during those time periods.  

By April 16th (one month out) I would like to have done...
Things to buy:
     Set this up with my lovey, Bird, over at birdcrafts.  She has a mexican line that minus the mexican stuff is just the right idea.  (Cupcake rings, treat bag tops, label for doll envelope, food table labels, etc)
Two cloth table clothes - pink and orange
Raid goodwill for more tea pots
Colored duct tape
fruit kabob sticks

Things to make:
FLOWERS!!!! and butterflies/dragonflies
     Duct tape, folded paper, every idea I can find  (FEEL FREE TO THROW ME SOME MORE!)
Street signs

By April 30th (two weeks out) I would like to have done...
Things to buy:
Place setting flower pots
Container for center piece
Streamers for treat table
Paper dolls
Dot candy

Things to make:
chalkboard place setting flower pots
Grass table runner
Straw toppers
Cupcake toppers
Toothpick toppers
10 flowers

By May 7th (one week out) I would like to have done...
Things to buy:
Astro turf
Borrow plates from mom
Fabric for photo spot background
Treat bags supplies
Paper doll envelopes

Things to make:
Tulle bench skirts
astro turf chargers (circle)
Cupcake towers
Log risers
Treat bags
10 flowers

Then the last week on non-work days gets broken down into daily chores.

May 8th
Prep craft table supply kits
Prep game supplies

May 12th
Buy the food
  (for stress reasons minimize the amount of homemade food)

May 13th
Make dot candy napkin rings, prep place settings
Food prep

May 14th (DAY OF!)
Set tables
Hang flowers
Set photo background

This is never everything - but it is a good start 


  1. I am soaking it all in and feeling myself getting more excited for my kids's birthday this year. I have great big plans for it.

  2. my girly's first is weeks away. You totaly just stressed me out thinking about all the prep I have yet to do. lol. I love your blog! I found this place linked to your baby goat story on http://roscommonacres.com/. I love the pics, the pets, the fun parties.. You are making a great childhood for your kids!



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