Wednesday, April 27, 2011

::biggest fire ever::

This is all the limbs from last year and this spring.
We are not joking around.
We have at least one bonfire every year, but this pile was one of our biggest.
See my Christmas tree poking out of the top?

Lizzie had to inspect our work.  

These boneheads did not help.

 Bonfires are a social event.
So we brought out our favorite Cowles family and got to partying.
First each kid picked a 2L to explode with mentos. 
(I try to be the "fun one", who else buys you your own 2L to explode?)
Then they walked around drinking straight out of their personal 2L all night.

 As the sun started to set, we lit this puppy up.

 And it went up like a demon.

I love our bonfires.
The grownups pull chairs up closer and closer as the night gets colder.
Kids play and run and snack and dance.
Occasional one gets yelled at for a safety violation.  (MAX)
Every now and then a kid snuggles up for some loving, them runs back to the others to play.
Next thing you know its late.
And then the next day the laundry room smells like smoke, because of all the smokey sweatshirts.  
The kids wake up in the morning and are stunned at "how much smaller the burn pile is"
It's all around cuteness and comfiness and goodness.
Living in the country sucks on Halloween, but it rocks on bonfire night. 
(And most other nights too)

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