Sunday, April 10, 2011

::josh is handy::

This is what my driveway looks like. 

 The water spicket was leaking under ground.
Now - how did Josh even know that.
I would just think... well nothing.  
I would let it flood all spring and just be confused.  
Then I would get charged one million dollars to fix it.

 Instead, this guy dug a big giant hole and fixed it. 

 We helped.
We are so very not helpful, but he likes to pretend like he needs our help, just because he likes our attention. 


 Then Josh took the pump off our weed sprayer and used it to pump the water out of the hole.
Who can do that? 

Then he used a bucket to get out the rest.
Is was a super not clean job.

 Look at him?  Why doesn't he divorce me?

Problem solved. 

He got so dirty!!

But he looked very hot too. 

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