Sunday, September 18, 2011


Lily's birthday fell on a Friday this year.  We had 8 balloons and her present ready for her when she woke up.  We don't go huge with presents usually - this year it was some slippers she requested and a little makeup kit.  Then while she went off to school I spent the day getting her party set!
The goal this year was to stay under the $150 budget and to not kill myself to put it all together.  I am 20 weeks pregnant and I am trying to not wear myself out.  After much thought I came up with a Drive In Movie theme.  But now I had to pull it off. 

I had a bunch of art supplies out and ready to get used to make the cardboard box cars.  

I pulled out this old cabinet that I can't decide how to redo and used to to show art supplies too. 

A nice big tub of hard core Cokes and juices kept the kids cranked up like crazy people.  

I did something that I don't usually do - I had the cake made.  
That is usually the most stressful party of the whole thing for me and I knew I wanted something wonderful and 3-D.  So I had the lady that did my gender cake make this glorious cake.  It was PERFECT!!!!! 

Wonderful and affordable - if anyone wants her number I am happy to share! 

Since it was a drive in movie we had trays and jars of candy.
So we didn't have a stampede we got the kids in their cars to watch the movie and then went around with trays offering candy. 

We also had popcorn and hot chocolate.  

My Emma acted as the hot chocolate girl.  She was so cute.  

She customized every ones cups.  Including her own.  

Lily assisted with the sound check before her guests arrived.  

 I tried to sneak in a quick photo shoot before her guests arrived...

 But it ended up like this.  
I love this picture.  

Lily needed a refill so she helped herself.  

My little Max had a cute car that Emma helped him make.  

All the kids spent lots of time perfecting their cars.  

And then we watched a few Disney shorts.
The kids sat and watched while downing candy, popcorn, and drinks. 
 Lily felt she needed to put on her slippers and serve her guests.  I thought it was adorable.
Not much was left by the end.  

The money part of it -
Supplies = $125
Cake = $60
The rest was free or borrowed
Now - I did go over budget a little.  The cake pushed me right over, but it was a splurge that I loved.  




  1. Looks like a fun party! I've been working on party too, Blake's 10th birthday is next week!

  2. That looks like so much fun and hey only $35 over budget isn't bad. I love the cake and all their personalized cars. Your kids are so sweet.

  3. Looks like it turned out great!!! I loved the cake!

  4. What a great mom you are! Im already signing you up for Leah's first!

  5. SO cute!! I loved your tiny hot chocolate cups!! where did you get them!!??

  6. The hot chocolate cups were a gift that my friend brought. She bought them from Starbucks. I was too scared to ask how much she paid.



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