Monday, September 5, 2011

::more letters - R and T::

 I made the R from a letter I got at hobby lobby with map scrap book paper attacted with modge podge
Then I trimmed it with an exacto knife.

This project took less than 10 minutes minus the drying time and cost less than $5
Notice Indiana in the map?

 This ended up being WAY harder than I thought it would be.  
It still didn't come out perfectly but it is going to have to do, because I am done with it. 

I printed off a big T and traced it on a cheap canvas board.  
But the pencil lines showed so I did it again just using the printed letter as a template.
Crayons cost about $5 with lots of extra's from the 120 box and the canvas pad was less than $1
This took at least an hour and was a little too tedious for my blood.

This idea came from here


  1. Can I ask why 'R' and 'T' ? I am sure I am missing it. ;)

  2. Your alphabet wall is going to look really cool once you've got all the letters done.



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