Monday, September 12, 2011

::new china cabinet::

 Look at this pretty mid century modern china cabinet that wanted to be my friend.  
All three glass shelves and both glass doors were intact.  
Plus it is very solid.  
It looked so sad at Salvation Army - I had to have it. 

I brought it home, unscrewed the doors and put it up on saw horses.
I gave the whole thing a good sanding. 

Then primed up those crazy doors.

And the crazy cabinet.  

Then began the three coats of green on the outside and three coats of white on the inside.  

Lizzie was too tired to help. 

I think it turned out pretty well.  The glass front will help protect the inside from dust and dirt and little brothers.  And the cabinet on the bottom is a good place to hide all the doll clothes and accessories. I hope it works well in the girlie master piece that Lily and I are working on for her new room. 

Cost: $30 for the cabinet
$10 for primer
$15 for green paint
$5 for a new roller
I had the white paint already
Total cost = $60


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