Sunday, September 25, 2011

::self invite-athon::

One fall a few years ago Josh and I got a call from some friends thanking us for inviting them over and telling us when they would arrive in a few days.  I just assumed Josh invited them and he thought I did.  We love these guys so we were happy to have them.  Latter these out of town house crashers admitted that they hadn't been invited but they just needed a place to crash as out of state alumni headed back to a Purdue game.  Adorable rascals.  And that is what lead to the annual "Self Invite-Athon".

This group of people are not mine.  They belong to Josh.  They are a group of silly and adorable and now grown up frat brothers that went through Purdue together and still love each other.  Now they are married with kids and wives, but they still love each other.  And this group of wives has come together from all over the country to fall in love with each other too.  There is not one person in that group that I don't really enjoy being around.  Not one that I secretly tolerate but don't really like. 

We meet up at weddings periodically but as the amount of weddings slow down, we now need to make a more active effort to see each other.  Which leads to the self-invite-athon.  It has varied in complexity over the years, and sometimes it even gets skipped.  But this year I was over joyed to have many couples (and even a six month old baby boy) crashing out around my house.  I loved being able to host these friends. 

I laughed so hard that I had to use my inhaler that I have not touched in years.
I laughed so often that my face hurts.
I slept very little and felt totally hung over every morning, but I never had more than one sip all weekend.  (Sorry Quin - just one little tiny taste.)
I loved the stores of past and present
I could not get enough of our little mascot Luke.  At six months he was the perfect age to hang out at an adult party and just get passed around.  I may have hogged him way to much and I don't feel even a little bit bad about it.
Our bonfire was not attended for long - rain - but it was still fun.
My little house managed to work just fine for a big group of friends.
My dogs all thought they had gone to heaven, with all the dog lovers around spoiling them. 
I felt pride at the cute little farm and fun little life we have carved out for ourselves.
I was reminded how much I love having girlfriends to get to know even better.
I got to go on and on and on about nursing and how much I love it.  (Thanks Kasia)
I got some time with no kids, to just relax and have fun and enjoy Josh.
I got to make my favorite macaroni and cheese - pure bliss
I took almost no pictures - I was in the moment and enjoyed it.  But I wish I had grabbed a few.
Hannah dropped her wedding ring in the air vent and Josh had to get in the crawl space and rip apart the vents to get it.  I love being married to a man that knows how to do that kind of thing.

Lily, Max, and Quin (one n?), I need you to know that we love you more than anything else, but sometimes we need to be without you.  Just like you go play at your friends house, we need grown up playdates too.  It doesn't mean we preferred them to you.  We have you 85% of the time.  But sometimes we need grown up only time to say bad words and tell stories you should never hear and laugh too loud and sleep too little.  And I really hope that I get to watch your babies some day so you can do the same things. Love - Mommy

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  1. That sounds like so much fun. I love hosting people, but my hubby is not a people person and because of this we keep it to family only.
    Saturday hubs and I get to leave the kids with his mom while we take the trip up to Canada for a wedding and I am so looking forward to that even though it is only for the day.



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