Tuesday, July 19, 2011

::goat show::

Emma and Shealyn had their goat show yesterday.  
Bob was representing goats around the world - you don't have to have normal horns to be a nice guy.  
Everything about Bob makes me laugh.  
He announced his retirement at the show, but he may pull a Brent Farve - you never know. 

Here they are slightly afraid and new to the deal.  

 Two years latter they are so grown up.
Shealyn even got "asked out" by another 4H boy, which she politely declined.

Here they are showing Bob and his twin Ernie.  
Bob did manage to place his highest ever, a stunning 7th place.  Ernie beat him with a fifth.  They may not be our winner's but they are so sweet. 

 All three of our baby goats lined up.
The boy in the middle showed one of Emma's goats for her.
He also happens to be the one that likes Shealyn.

And my little lovey baby Nelly got pulled out of line as first place!!!!
We have a special bond - I saved her life.
I gave her CPR for goddness sake.  
Curious?  - link here

Once they get pulled as first they go into a holding pen to wait to show for higher placings. 
So Lily babysat her while Shealyn showed her other goats.  
This was big stuff for her.  
See the flip flops? 

 Max just wanted to drink his bigger than him Lemon Shake Up.  
Which he would not share with me. 

Then when our little Nelly came out for her next class she won grand champion junior pygmy doe.  
Then reserve champion pygmy doe!  This may mean nothing to you but these are high placings for such a young baby.  Plus she is just so sweet.

Side note - Emma got the bummer end of the deal.  Her goats didn't do well this year.  But she was in good spirits.  I was proud of her sportsmanship.  But next year I am going to make sure she is hooked up with some quality stock.  As you may have guessed I am making a list about it right now.  

Super side note - Shealyn is Josh's exwives boyfriends daughter.  Read it again.  It isn't as complex as it sounds.  I ADORE the kid.  Hard working, brave, smart.  Love her.  Shealyn lives with her mom in Florida during the school year.  She and I via text message picked out her dairy baby goat to show.  A first time for us in that group.  And once we got him to fair to check in he got sent home.  I guess they can't have horns.  CRAP.  I had already made her leave Ernie home because he was such a jerk that the girls and I couldn't get him shaved.  (Dairy goats must be shaved)  Luckily we had go to early check in on Saturday, the real check in was Sunday.  Josh and I ran home and JOSH held down Ernie and I shaved him.  It was a major wrestling match but it got done.  Then the next morning I took Ernie in, and Shealyn was so happy to find him in her stall.  Major cuteness factor.   

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