Wednesday, July 20, 2011

::mower and the window::

 I was mowing the back area.  I never do it.  Ever.  But I did.  Mostly cause I wanted the grass clipping to mulch my tomatoes.  And somehow I shot a golf ball 30 ft from the mower into the house window.  

Josh laughed till he was unable to breath when I explained how I carefully duct taped the hole closed and then taped an old workbook over it to act as insulation.  I am still not sure why this was so funny to him, but my work must have really tickled his handy soul. 

That night I had a dream that I woke up and every window in the house was broken and I was trying to convince Josh that I didn't do it.  

THEN - the next day I did something else I NEVER do.  I took the kids to the pool.  I hate public pools.  I don't like swimming and I am too self conscience.  But it was 100 degrees (for real) and what else was I going to do with the kids that needed to burn off energy?  We had a total blast.  I laughed so hard my face hurt.  And while we were swimming some a-hole busted out my drivers side window of my new mini van and stole my empty wallet.  I had all the cash in my wallet in my pocket.  They got my frequent shopper cards, 38 cents in starbucks gift cards, and maybe a dollar in change.  I didn't really care but it really scared Lily.  She kept asking for Josh.  The guys at the pool gave her a slushy and she calmed down, but I have never not been what she needed.  She NEEDED Josh.  She needed his comfort.  Sister, I know it too.  I wanted him too.  When ever I feel unsafe, or sick, or fearful I NEED Josh.  The slushy distracted her till we got home, but she wasn't right till she saw Josh.  Then she was OK.  That kid and I are more alike then even I know sometimes.  I did not take a picture of the van because I was too stunned. 

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  1. Oh my goodness! I think you might want to break a cheap drinking glass to get that third bad thing over with. Glad no one got hurt in either incident.



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