Friday, July 8, 2011

::tulle table skirt::

My friend Gretchen (who is a wonderful party planner, by the way) turned me on to the idea of a tulle table skirt for the tea party.  Once she got the idea in my head I could not let it do.  I needed it.  Required.
I got on etsy - as usual - to look for inspiration.  I found some stunningly fluffy skirts.
But I knew that it was too fluffy to be affordable.

I decided to just experiment.
I went to walmart and bought a $6 dollar roll of 6in wide white tulle.

Then I bought another roll, then another one, then another one - ending up with 5 rolls.  That's $30 people.  Way to expensive for such a non-essential part of the tea party.  But I convinced myself I would use it again (like my lovey Becky's October baby shower).  And once I got started I couldn't just leave it half done.  ~Like that cursed balloon wreath that still haunts me, sitting half finished in the demo'd bathroom~

Once I had all the tulle, this thing was easy but a bit time consuming.

I started with a piece of twine that was about two feet longer than the actual area I wanted to cover.  That way I could just cut off the extra if needed.

I cut the tulle into strips that were generously twice the height of the table I was using.  I thought they would look much better too long than too short.

Then I just started doing pull through after pull through.  I did it early in the morning, during nap time, and at my inlaws - any down time.  It took about two hours total.  Once I got my rhythm I could pick up my pace.  

I thumb tacked the skirt to the table.  Then I took a yellow ribbon and tacked it to the table, stretching it all the way around.  This hid the tulle knots on the twine.

I really like how this turned out and can't wait to use it again. 

YouTube video that gives step by step instruction for the pull through system.  It is not my video, but it is useful if my instructions are not making sense.  



  1. Wow! I can see your creativity in making this stuff! And your youtube video tutorial is really a big help.

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  2. how long was your table? i want to do this but am scared of how much it will cost me. my table is 8 feet X 3 feet (3 feet high)



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