Wednesday, July 13, 2011

::last day::

Yesterday was my last day at St Vincent.

But I doubt it was my last day ever.

I just feel like I am coming back eventually.  

I fit it too well with the rest of those crazies  :)
Something I had not anticipated was that I would have to turn in my badge.

It felt so permanent and sad to just hand it over.  

We've been friends a long time.

We bought lots of sushi in the cafeteria together.  We bought some yesterday.

I really hate to leave, but I also do not doubt the choice.

It's time for a little get away.  

Time to go grow this baby somewhere else.

But how heart breaking. 

 (signs by Meg's still pop up around the unit)


  1. last day at St. V=sad sad on top of sad. i agree, turning in my badge was the WORST. like i have no access to my home anymore :( love you brookie.

  2. oh man....wasn't expecting seeing that badge to bring on the emotions and feelings that I felt when I looked at that picture. It almost felt like a trigger for me. yikes.

    St. V's is losing a great nurse!


  3. Miss you already



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