Friday, July 1, 2011

::cottage garden now::

Early June 2011
Late June 2011

Butternut squash early June

Butternut squash now.  This thing is going CRAZY!!

Lily's garden has lots of color.  It looks so pretty.
See her "found art collection" on the stump in the middle?
Cool stuff like an old rusted dull chain saw chain.

Here is this years experiment.  My green bean rig.  
I just didn't know if the the climbing beans would do what I wanted them to. 

They are!  

On the right side is my strawberry patch.  
They came in great this year but were gone way too fast.  
None ever made it inside. 
Next year we need about six times the amount.

My egg plant is fairly unimpressive.  
Any body know what's eating the lower leaves?

The broccoli is passed.  But it's just so pretty.  I did finally rip it up and throw the whole plant to the chickens.  Who DEVOURED it.  
The lettuce, broccoli, and spinach are past there prime too.  I pulled out the spinach and fed it to the chickens.  The lettuce looks stunning but is horribly bitter.  I might use it as mulch for the front tomatoes.  The pea's got woody, but we did eat lots of them before they got to far gone.  The chickens are eating the left overs.  All the spring crops did great this year.      

In the front are mums and head lettuce.

Soybeans are coming in fast.  I can't wait to eat these puppies.

Lily and I's garden scissors.  

The early tomato that we babied all spring.  
We got our first tomato on June 19th so I guess it was worth it. 

Cucumber up front, followed by two of the four tomatoes in this garden.
(Don't forget the 18 more that are growing out back.)
See my 4ft/4ft onion bed in the back right?  Lot's of red and white onions going crazy.

This is a shot along the back row.  I have 6 hot peppers closest, then basil, then the blank spot the pea's were in (which now needs planted with second crop cilantro), then the soy beans. 

Here is an onion from last year that got missed and is determined to be a giant. 
On the ground are three bush watermelons. 

More "found art".  This one was out in the blue berry patch.  What in the world is it? 




  1. I have a question. Does that wire fence actually keep any critters out of your garden? Seems like a rabbit could slip through there.

  2. Looks great, I like the idea of the stakes going across the two beds!

  3. My english is so bad, but I want to say I love your farm. That's a dream for me. I have the space but no time for it, only the weekend. I have some plants and some trees and thast's all.
    What about crashed ground eggshell around the plants to avoid the animals eat them?
    I'll pass another time. Thanks for the beautiful images.



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