Tuesday, December 6, 2011

::an old trumpet::

Out of Josh's parents attic came an old trumpet.  This trumpet had been loved by a young Josh.  It had played "Hip To Be Square" many times.  It had lived in his room and been part of his daily life.  It road the school bus with him and had some great times.  But at some point it ended up pushed in a corner.  Then it found its way into the attic.  But a few weeks ago if got brought down with the Christmas decorations and sent home in my van.  I had no idea how much emotional attachment I would feel for this instrument that isn't even mine. 

Its like Buzz and Woody getting played with again to watch the kids play on this trumpet.   Josh mentioned selling it and I freaked out.  It will never leave this house unless its to ride the school bus with Max.  

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