Thursday, December 29, 2011

::Where the Wild Things Are Party - the plan::

Mr Max is turning 4.  I kind of let it sneak up on me.  I kept going back and forth about having  a party.  Who would come all the way out to me in the middle of January?  Does he even care?  Am I just too flipping prego?  Excuses, excuses.  I don't care.  It's about that kid having a wonderfully good time - not about me submitting a very expensive party to all the party blogs.  So I am having a party for that little man - BUT I PROMISE YOU JOSH I WILL NOT GET FULL ON OUT OF CONTROL.  or will I?

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Location is going to be at the church gym very close to my house.  (FREE!)


·         Max boat photo shoot – white background sheet duct taped to wall
                 Spray paint box and use wide marker to finish
                Mast with yellow sheets for sails
·         2 colors of green and 2 colors of streamer to make vines in doorways and around the gym
·         Sign “Let the Wild Rumpus Begin” on door with balloons
·         Quotes from the book around the tables

·         Table in corner for food with green sheets as table cloths and streamers behind it as background
·         Subtle plates and utensils, bring out cake plates to cut cake
·         Cake in middle built up on log riser
·         All treats and other food sprinkled around food table
·         Eating and relaxing tables X4?  With sheet table cloths of different greens and browns
·         Drinks and chicken dip over by kitchen area with plates and utensils
                     2L with ice and cups for soda

·         Starter – crowns and water color page
                       Set up a “take home” station with names by the door
·         Masks and monster stampers
·         Max in a boat collage
·         Pin the tail on Max
·         Box fort area with vines
·         Kickballs and basketballs out for play


  1. Looks like its going to be a great shindig! We loved the Where The Wild Things Are, Eldest still takes it with her on babysitting jobs. Have fun.



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