Tuesday, December 13, 2011

::mock up X-mas::

Josh and I have not bought each other presents since... we met.  We would have had some play money this year, but the upcoming unpaid maternity leave has us fearful.  So another year with no presents.  But we have been playing a cute little game with each other the last week or so.  This game is titled, "What Would You Buy Me With BLANK Budget".  We insert different sums to keep the game interesting.  Obviously the one million mark has some pretty fun stuff attached to it.  But since we have never bought each other gifts I don't know what is a normal amount of money to spend on another adult at Christmas.  We usually stick to the $250-500 mark in our play land.

With that said I would buy Josh -

These weirdo ear cover things that keep coming up on my amazon page meaning he is looking at them 

A new iphone upgrade.  Enough said.  

A ukulele, because it keeps coming up randomly in conversation.  I think he might be destined to have one.  How cute to see that big guy play a tiny little instrument and make happy music.  Ukelele's only play happy music.

A netbook.  That I promise not to steal.  Pinky swear.  Not even to play that odd ball game that I seem to be kind of obsessed with - LEVEL 16!!!!  Maybe an iPad instead but that might already be out of my pretend budget. 

Plug in heated seat for that piece of crap Saturn that he is driving around with duct tape holding together to spend nothing on gas.  While his fancy truck that he loves to drive sits in the barn.  He is is way too hot to drive that Saturn, but at least his butt could be warm. 

And a nice beard trimmer so he can continue to come up with interesting facial hair arrangements, and I can continue to secretly use it to trim the dogs face.  (His last one is broke.  Maybe I dropped it.  Maybe I didn't.) 


  1. I'm confused....this *mock up christmas* entry follows the entry listing all the items and planning for the kids Christmas gifts and stocking items etc. But you say in this that you have never had money to buy kids or each other presents including this year......confused reader.

  2. I edited my first sentence to make it more clear. The kids always get presents. We just never get them for each other. :) Hope that clarifies.



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