Wednesday, December 21, 2011

::lemon sugar scrub::

I really enjoy the blog Under the Table and Dreaming.  Stephanie has such a creative mind and the coolest art room I have ever coveted.  She had a great hand scrub recipe for mothers day that I thought might make good teacher gifts for Christmas this year. 

 We made a double batch of this recipe -
          2.5 cups of sugar
          1 cups of extra virgin olive oil
          4 table spoons of fresh lemon juice

 We didn't have cheese cloth so we squeezed our lemons over our rice strainer to make sure we didn't have any seeds.  Then we made Josh come in and squeeze them harder than we could.  The three lemons gave us exactly 8 tablespoons of juice. 

Our double patch made up five small jelly jars and almost one full big jar.  
Plenty for every one.  

A little circle of scrapbook paper dressed them up nicely.  

But Lily wanted to dress them up more, so we bought some cheap bows at target and dressed them up even more.  

     Sugar $2.75
     Lemons $2
     Olive Oil $7
            Total = $11.75
We had enough for 9 little jars (maybe 10)
But with 9 little jars our total cost was $1.30 each
We already had the jars left over form making jelly

Extra = bows $1 each 
            Gift bags $1 each

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  1. These turned out lovely! My son uses sugar to scrub his hands after he works on his car. He swears by it. I must give this a try.



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