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::christmas planning 2011::

I go into a state of military like strategy and planning when it comes time for Christmas.  I make Santa long list and and check them 200 times.  This is no joke.  I am not kidding around.  If I decided on a present for the shorties and I find it cheaper somewhere else after I already bought it I just about freak out. 

Now as a former bad shopper I struggle with going to the mall and not being impulsive.  There are always a few things that slip in.  To get some control I do 90% of my shopping online.  That way I can stay true to my list and compare prices between at least three sites before I buy anything.  I try to stick to just three large sites because then returns are easier and customer service issues are quickly resolved.  I have learned that it is best if all my shopping is done in the first week of December because that is a Cyper Monday week with lots of free shipping options.  I only paid two dollars in shipping for every single thing that I bought this year. 

The sites I used were amazon,, and
I found a killed good deal at to get Emma's netbook.  

I did do some face time at target and walmart (in the SAME day - unheard of for me) to get things like hats and stocking stuffers.  I managed to keep the impulse buys to almost nothing. 

I keep the kids to the same number of presents every year.  No one has ever noticed or counted them, but I feel like that keeps things fair.  The amount of money spent its totally different, but the actual number of presents is equal.  Santa brings about half the presents and all the stockings, and the rest are from Josh and I.  Each kid gets a trip to the store to pick out one $20 item for the other kids.  Max really wanted to get Emma a race track but I talked him out of it.  The two little kids each get a morning gift in their room that they open and play with while Josh goes to pick up Emma and I make breakfast.   

X-mas List 2012

    Seat back DVD players $100 (layaway at WM)
    Leap Pad Explorer $100 (LA at WM)
        Explorer case $17 (amazon)
        Charger $10 (
        App Expander $20 (amazon)
    Wall mounted pencil sharpener (Amazon)

    Tink explorer book $20 (LA at WM)
    Fijit purple $40 (LA at WM)
    Locking journal $25 (LA at WM)
    Polly Pocket $19 (target)
    Crayola Jewelry Maker $15 (
    Pillow pet - zebra $20 (
    Coat/pants $65(target)
    Winter boots $30 (
    From Emma: Zoobles  $20 (
    From Max: Zoobles $15 (target)

    Morning gift
        Rapunzle hair style bust $30 (Amazon)

        Ornament $7 (target)
        Hat and gloves  $12(target)
        Mini Sing a ma jig $5 (
        Nail Tats $8
        Flip and draw book $10 (Amazon)
        Candy and small toys $20
        Tooth brush
    Cars play rug $20 (layaway at WM)
    Penguins explorer book $20 (LA at WM)
    Pillow Pet - giraffe $20 (
    Mud boots $24 (Amazon)
    Lego Duplo Firestation  $27 (amazon)
    Duck Hunter Extreme $50 (Amazon)
                    This may be the toy I am most excited about, click the link and check it out
    Flash light set $10 (Target)
    Bath toys $30 (
    Perry Jammies $10 (
    From Emma: Cars $21 amazon
    From Lily: BUY $20

    Morning gift:
        Cars track $35

        Hand tats (Amazon)
        Mini Sing a ma jig $5 (
        Flip and draw $10 (Amazon)
        Hat and gloves $9 target
        Hot wheels cars $5
        Small toys and candy

    Netbook $308.45 (tiger direct)
    Case and Mouse $22 (Amazon or Buy)
    Head buds $10 (walmart)
    USB $10 (walmart)
    Footie Jammies $20 BUY
    Pillow pet $20 (
    Boots/clothes $30 BUY
    Jewelry ??? $20 BUY
    Clothes ??? $20 BUY

    From Max: Headband $10 (target)
    From Lily: BUY $20

        Hat and gloves $24 (target)
        Sing a ma jig $5 (
        Nail tats
        Tooth brush
        Make up
I basically have just about everything except for a few little things for Emma. 

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  1. Good gracious I feel cheap! What lucky kids to have you as a Santamom! I've added duck hunter to my Amazon wish list for Jack and am following your great pin boards too. Thanks for all the great ideas you share here! (And how do you make sure they don't see this list?!?)
    Wishing you and your shorties a very Merry Christmas!!!



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