Wednesday, December 14, 2011

::Quinn's room::

At some point I channeled my nesting crazy into working over time instead of doing things for this baby.  Which is actually a good thing if the current shorties would like to have a Christmas this year.  But know I have to start thinking about this little man.  I sold a bunch of stuff and had a decent little next egg all built up to do his room with.  Then two things happen - an overly expensive trip to Disney (worth it) and the sudden fact of how I was going to organize three kids into two tiny bedrooms.  

Does it really make sense to spend money to redo a room for Quinn when he is not even going to be in it very long?  Let me try to explain my grand master-how-to-shuffle-kids-around plan.  (I just love a good run on sentence)  Mr Quinn will be born around early February.  At that point Mr Max will go into Lily's room and sleep in the extra bed that Emma currently uses.  When Emma sleeps over we will do a queen size blow up on the floor and I bet all three big kids will sleep in it together.  Sleep overs are their fav.  My Quinn is going to sleep in what is currently Max's room.  Yes, Max is still in a crib.  Don't judge.  He never tried to climb out of the cage and I never tried to teach him how.  He can climb on top of the fridge, but he does not want to climb out of the crib.  No arguments from me.  It's just part of being a curly head I guess. 

My Quinn's first room is getting no make over.  Its basically a crib in a tiny room.  We have historically had a changing table in our family room, not in the babies room.  I think this is going to work fine.  As soon as the Quinn is mostly sleeping through the night things are going to change.

Max and Quinn will go in the bigger room together.  I have many great idea's and plans for how this will come together.  Think a rad steal grey with orange highlights and an entire wall that is magnetic or whiteboard.  Then some bunk beds and super cool boy stuff, like those great dark red lockers I have.  I'll do a full idea board post soon.  I am thinking this will get done some time this late spring or early summer.  Then as soon a Quinn is even close to old enough I will take  his crib to the burn pile and get him in the lower bunk till he is 18.  I have been Pintrest-ing ideas for their room for awhile.  Link here to see.   

Lily will get the little tiny room redone in super upper bright pink and glam.  A little girls room done over the top just like my baby girl loves.  It will have to have a trundle bed for sleep overs and Emma.  I'll be doing lots of idea boards on this too eventually.  I think this should be done mid summer.  Link here to see the start of my pintrest ideas.  

Please throw me your ideas.  I am also opening those two boards up so that you can add pins to them if you want to.  

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