Sunday, December 4, 2011

::flea bag dog::

That poor little fluffy dog has fleas.  It happens.  She is part barn dog, don't let her looks fool you.  I always treated my dogs with Frontline before, especially when it became over the counter.  I was looking for cheap Frontline on ebay once and found a site for a lady that sells you one tube of the giant bread size, a 1mL syringe, and a small amber vial.  When it arrived you put the whole tube of FL into the vial.  Then each time you want to use a dose you draw up 0.64 mLs and apply it to your toy bread dog.  That one tube of FL last for six applications.  Brilliant.  Seriously, who ever figured this out is so stinking smart.  

The other day I looked down and noticed that Lizzie was chewing herself raw.  Flea's were back.  I only treat her when she actually needs it, not just as a preventative.  I knew it was time to treat that poor little thing again.  But I was feeling cheap and needed something right away.  I knew that Walmart sold a generic form of Frontline.  I was at my inlaws and going to a different super store so I thought I would pick some up.  I bought her some Sargeant's Evolve.  I applied it just as directed.  The toy breed size was  about three times as much product as Frontline and turned her into an oil slick.  At $12 for three applications I was really hopeful for future purchases that it would work.  That crap did nothing at all.  I gave it a week and she was still covered with flea's.  If not worse.

I trotted myself down to Walmart and bought the generic flea treatment product called Pet Armor.  The cost for three toy breed applications was $25.  I put one of those on her and she hasn't itched since.  36 hours latter and I can't find a single flea on her.  But that got me thinking.  Could I buy the giant breed size and get multiple treatments for her?  What about my big dogs?  Would it work on them too?

Here is a cost comparison for Lizzie who weights under 10 pounds -
Frontline as recommended pack of three =                     $13.33 per treatment
Frontline giant breed broken into dosages =                   $2.22 per treatment
Crap that doesn't work    =                                              Not worth it, even if free
Walmart brand as recommended pack of three =                $8.33 per treatment
Walmart giant breed broken into dosages =                   $1.388 per treatment

Why is it that finding another way to cut money corners makes me so stinking happy?

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