Monday, November 28, 2011

::testing a lily::

Baby Lily

After much debate and strong but kind pleading on my part I have talked Lily's school into testing her for a learning disability.  It has been coming since kindergarten and I am feeling very excited about the prospect of getting it all going.  I am currently working on filling out all her paperwork.  I am happy to say that after that process I am feeling very hopeful.  They had a check list were you mark the behaviors that your child struggles with, I was happy she does not:

Set fires
Abuse substances
Often swears (that would be her mother)
Harms animals

She did get checked on:
Poor concentration
Difficulty completing tasks
Often is loud
Easily frustrated

Who else does that sound like???????  Maybe me?  Even her check marks are kind of cute.  

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  1. I talked with someone yesterday who has a son. The school wanted him tested because they though he had a learning disorder. He has a lot of symptoms of ADD, but wasn't diagnosed with it. He even went to a child psychologist. Nothing. A lot of symptoms Lily is having. Just some type of anxiety with school. But at home she will tell him several things, put your shirt and jeans on, then your socks and shoes. Then bring down your laundry. 10 mins later she checks on him and he hasn't done one thing. Things are getting better though. I hope you figure it out.



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