Saturday, November 12, 2011

::i forgot i am a farmer::

Crap.  Were did the fall go?  It's almost over already.  I have to get it together.  I am so distracted with hating large parts of my job and with being prego that I have really become a crummy farmer.  I have got to get it back together.  Here is what needs done before the real freezes set it -

Clean out all goat pens and set out heated water buckets

Clean out the horses run in and make sure tank heater is ready to go
Clean out chicken coop and prep heated water bucket

Get dogs heated water bucket ready 
    Side note - Bruno got kicked again by Donkey, which is Bruno's fault as he harasses the Donk.  Last time it cost $600 to have fixed.  What am I going to do with him?  What would happen if we don't get it fixed?  Maybe he would just stop chasing the poor Donkey!

Clean out the tack room and aisleway

Clean out a horse stall and have it ready for a "just in case" horsey isolating
   I actually usually do need to have one of them in a stall a few times a year for various reasons

Till the orchard garden and compost it

Add THICK layer of leaves to the cottage garden, like two feet thick

Heavy trim of the roses
Leaves in the flower beds

Leaves on the blueberries

Make 42 plans of how to set up the gardens for next year - MUST BE BABY FRIENDLY

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