Tuesday, November 1, 2011

::an apology to josh::

I have been informed that I owe Josh an apology.  He informed me.  He occasionally reads my blog.  I don't like it when he does.  I am a little too ripped wide open sometimes and I think he finds it a little embarrassing.  But I have to get it out, so he deals with it.  Oddly, we almost never talk about it.  He just lets my blog be my venting place and leaves me alone about it.  But he informed me that I posted a picture of him from my nursing graduation in a recent post that he felt was unflattering to him.  He said, "You look hot but I look terrible.  I hate that picture.  I want you to post a bunch of apology pictures."  Here they are - 

Pick a favorite


  1. sitting in the chair with his hand by his face

    i love you more than words

  2. thats mine too jenn!!! hotty!!! you better watch it brookie!!!

  3. Mine is of him looking over his shoulder on the tractor in the winter scene, like a hard-working Hoosier farmer boy, like my man. And he plays guitar and sings? Dang girl!



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