Saturday, November 5, 2011

::2011 disney diary::

We just got back from our best Disney trip ever.  This is the first time that we went just us and our kids.  It took off so much stress to just focus the day around what was going to work best for our family.  This was also the longest trip we have ever been on and the longest blog post of all time.
Max tried very light switch in the room to make sure what they all did.
     We sent the girls to school and picked them up around 10am.  The kids were so excited.  We listened to Lady Gaga and the song "Tonight Tonight" to get pumped up.  Josh hated the music but couldn't argue with the fact that every one else was singing at the top of their lungs.  We headed to the airport and used Josh's friend's employee parking pass to get free parking.  (SAVING!)  We always fly Southwest when ever we can, the cost is the best and the check in process never leaves us disappointed. 
     We used Disney's Magic Express which is a free transport system from the airport to the Disney resort you are staying at.  They also delivery your suitcases to your room.  We knew to pack a carry one with pool stuff so the kids could get right to swimming.  We checked in and they were in the pool in about 15 mins.  Josh had a margarita in hand.  I had squeezed all this me into a bikini because I am too cheap to buy a maternity swim suit.  I think it was cute with my big belly hanging out.  Those kids swam themselves silly.  Then we went back to the room and got dressed for dinner at Chef Mickey's.  

On the way there Lily got a ring from one of the boat drivers.  She thought it was a very special gift.  I carefully pick restaurants and I felt that this one starts out the vacation with a big Disney character blast.  

 Max got attacked my mini mouse.  Note his red check and mad face.  He got over it fast. 

     We started a new tradition this day.  "Random Pick a Bus Day".  You walk to the bus stop and the first park bus that comes is the one you got to.  It happened to be...

Max spent the bus ride reminding us all to "wok and woll" - rock and roll. 

When we got to Animal Kingdom we know to imediatly get Fast Pass's for the big rides.  Meanwhile the little kids and I play at playground or ride a no wait kiddie ride.  I miss the big rides.  I can't wait till next year when Josh and I will take turn with the little ones and I get to ride some of the big rides.  

Max was really ticked about being too little for the rides he wanted to ride.  

Lily and Max got tattoos to start the fun off right.  

I got to chill out and put my feet up while these guys all road Kali Rapids.  Max HATED getting wet.  He was furious at us.  We had an OK dinner at Yak and Yeti.  In the past it has always been wonderful, but this time they kind of rushed us in and out.  

Emma had fun hanging from the bus bars on the way home and all the Schaefer's enjoyed lots of ice-cream.

I carried Quinn around all day.

Max fell right to sleep.  I was not far behind him.

     On Sunday we went to Hollywood Studios.  Fast passes are really important here - you have to get them as quickly as possible for Toy Story Mania, Tower of Terror, and Rocking Roller Coaster.  Lily rode Rocking Roller Coaster for the first time.  She loved it.  That kid hates heights, but that ride is in the dark so you really don't know how high you are.  Lily got her "Perry" stuffed animal that she was dreaming about.  She carried him everywhere for the rest of the trip and spent serious time taking care of him.  

     Dinner was early at the Sci Fi Drive in.  It's a cute mock drive in place.  But the food was just average. 
 After that we went and did a few more rides.  Max could not figure out the 3D glasses at the Muppet 3D Movie.  

 This was another really fun day.  We had the Water Parks and more option on our park tickets this time, so we spent the morning and afternoon at Typhoon Lagoon.  They have a no joke wave pool that I thought was going to kill us the first time it hit me.  Max and I had fun chilling out while the others went of the big slides.  We ate lunch there and headed back to the room.  
While we were gone the maids cleaned our room and wrapped up Perry extra cute.  

We ate dinner at O'Hana at the Polynesian.  AMAZING!!!  This was the best food we had the whole time and the kids had a blast.  They literally throw tons of good food at you while the entertain your kids.  It was our first time to go there and we will go every year now for sure.  
After that we popped on the monorail and went over to magic night hours at Magic Kingdom.  

 Emma and Josh got stuck on Space Mountain while the little guys and I rode a bunch of kiddie rides we don't usually get to go on.  I love how we kept separating but coming back together.  We did tons of stuff together and in smaller groups so all ages got what they needed.  Lily was supposed to go on the tea cups with Emma and Max but they ditched her.  She had fun by herself. 

The little ones were asleep in two minutes.


On Tuesday we slept in and then headed to Epcot.  Soarin' Fast Pass's are always a priority.  

We had lots of fun riding Nemo and Lily got picked to ask a question at Turtle Talk with Crush.  It was very sweet.

 The kids had lots of fun playing in the fountains at Imagination.  

We had lunch with the princesses in Norway, and Max asked Snow White were the dwarf's were.   We ate dinner at the Food and Wine Festival.  I would love to come back some time and do the Food and Wine festival with just Josh and I.  We had such a blast riding all the rides and taking our time.

Qbert is what I call Quinn in my head
We slept in and then took the boat over to Downtown Disney.  We shopped around and then spent a few hours at Disney Quest.  That place was so much fun!  Why have we never gone before?  All the arcade games were a blast.  Max also got his own Perry.

That night we went to Kouzzina and the Board Walk.  The food was fancy and great.  The kids loved the make your own cupcake desert.  


We got up in the morning and did some great swimming.  Then the kids showed me how they were playing with the ceiling fan "all night".  That is exactly the kind of crap you can't do at home. 
still too little
Then we headed back to Epcot to ride some more rides.  We ended up back at the hotel for dinner.  The kids had tons of fun sizing up what pins they wanted to trade the next day.  


We got those kids up and headed back to Magic Kingdom for the final day of fun.  We rode tons of rides but made it back to the hotel in time for a late night final swim.  We got take out for dinner that night.

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  1. love this! this totally brought back memories of my recent disney trip, also preggo. what i dont see is you sitting in a wheelchair, like i had to. it must not have been 96degrees when you were there.

  2. Glad u had fun! I can't wait to go again!



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