Wednesday, November 16, 2011

::baby belly::

This kid is trucking along.  I am 28 weeks now.  This has been my easiest pregnancy ever.  I know girls that would say, "Sometimes I forget I am even pregnant!"  And I always thought they were big fat liars.  But I seriously get no crap from this kid.  I don't get sick like I did with all the others.  I really don't feel to many symptoms, sometimes short of breath and a bit sleepy but nothing too bad.  Since my placenta is anterior I don't even really feel this kid too much.  (An anterior placenta just means that the placenta attached on your belly side instead of in the back of uterus.  It doesn't matter at all.)  I can only feel him if he does the worm all the way around my belly.  Which makes me laugh.  This kid loved to dance already.  We are still looking toward a 39 week induction based on the fact that my Max was a baby hippo in size and girth.  So February 3rd is the tentative date.  I will be delivering in the same hospital as Kendra, from Girls Next Door, which I think is hilarious. 

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