Wednesday, November 9, 2011

::lily is past me::

Lily is growing up and growing past boundaries.  She is always going to be my only little girl, and I have to remember something.  I got to be in charge of dressing when she was little, it was my favorite hobby.  I did it full out and to the max.  She wore clothes that made me so happy.  But now it is time for me to let that go.  Completely.  We have spent every getting dressed moment for the past few weeks yelling at each other about things being too tight or too short or too itchy or too who cares.  I am sick of it.  She wins this one.  I give up.

I called my sister whining about this new development and she reminded me of something.  When Lily was a baby I told my sister that I was going to dress her to the height of my greatest desires because the day would come that she would no longer let me.  That day is today.  The time has come.

The new rules are that once you try something on and approve it for purchase you can not whine about it ever again.  I will buy you zero clothes with out you trying them on.  Your clothes have to be weather appropriate.  These rules do not apply to special events like the school Christmas program or big events.  Clothing with stains not allowed outside the house. 

It is time for her to find her own little sense of style, or lack there of if she wants.  I need to back off.

Let's see what she comes up with.

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  1. Oh yeah we have had our battles this fall. I have the last say which is good since she has a tendency to end up with sparkly tights and a silky camisole as in good on the corner but not at school. Oh well, what I have learned works is a lot of praise and nice comments when she does make the right choices and I have had to learn that she is a hot blooded kid unlike me.



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