Friday, December 30, 2011

::personal goals::

I have some personal improvements that I need to fix.  As usual I let them depress me for awhile and then I decided to do something about it  

1.  Manage my money better.   
I am cheap, but I still have a few bad habits left over from-the-spoiled-brat-living-off-my-parents days that need to be fixed.  Here is an example - I lost track of a bill and didn't pay it.  Then when it got too far behind I had to go get a money order to pay it.  Which I then lost.  Or maybe I mailed it.  I can't remember.  I had to waste time begging the company to give me another week to see if the money order turns up with them or if I really did throw it away.  The whole situation is so frustrating and embarrassing and ridiculous and unnecessary and time consuming.  
Other things to help with this:
    Be proactive about removing cash from the bank account on payday so it doesn't slowly disappear to small debit card purchases (damn you Qdoba)
     If the cash runs out then the money is gone.  Don't forget about gas and expect Josh to find some mystery money to bale me out. 
    Improve my commitment to making dinner when ever I am not working.  Include lunches in ideas for my my weekly meal plans. 

2.  Keep my car clean.
I have always had a super messy car.  But since I had kids I blame it on them.  Thats not my usually my gig.  I like to think I take responsibility for my mistakes, but I am so comfy just blaming the kids for my car and not doing anything about it.  I need to take personal responsibility for my car.  I once lost an envelope in my car that has a huge wad of cash in it.  I cried and I freaked, but I couldn't find it.  Josh had to do the excavation of the car and he finally found it.  The whole situation is so frustrating and embarrassing and ridiculous and unnecessary and time consuming - again.

3.  Get back to my daily house hold maintenance
I used to have something I would write in my notebook - it was W-F-D-L.  I got it from Jersey Shore GTL (gym, tan, laundry).  Mine stands for Workout, Feed (animals), Dishes, Laundry.  After the baby died last year and I spent so much time in a dark hole of faking it to just get through the day I let myself get into some survival laziness.  It doesn't matter if it was OK or not, because at this moment it is not ok anymore.  Here is the goal - every day I am off work or work 8 hours or less, the bare minimum that I have to do is Feed-Dishes-Laundry.  Once I get past my six week post baby check I have to get back to workouts too.  I also used to have a pattern of cleaning that I would do.  Every day off I would clean one major room and one minor.  Its time to get back to that rotation.  It worked well and stopped me from being overwhelmed.  

4.  At least once a week sit down and double check the next 2-3 weeks of the schedule.  
If I do that I will not get any surprises and have to scramble the night before.  I usually do this, but I need to stay super disciplined about this.  

5.  Get back to art and creativity with the kids.  
Every day doesn't have to be art camp but why can't every day off together be a day were we create at least one thing?  That is something I am never going to regret - encouraging those perfect shorties to be creative. 

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