Thursday, December 8, 2011

::Quinn at 31 weeks::

Quinn is now 31 weeks.  He weights about 3.5 pounds and is the size of four oranges.  Every time I go to NICU I take care of babies that are smaller than him.  It really puts it into perspective when you hold a little person and think "this guy in my belly is even bigger than this."  Amazing.  He has been trucking along being a perfect gentleman.  My OB appointments are smiles all the way around the room.  The planning part of me was super excited when my wonderful OB told me we could schedule my induction for February 3rd.  She said that this time she would just have me come in the morning of and we would not bother with coming in the night before and getting Cervadil (a cervical dilator that doesn't work on me).  She wants me to come in that morning, get my water broke, and start pitocin.  Josh and I say we want a baby by lunch time :)

My OB gave me all kinds of loving for only gaining 13lbs so far.  I have zero idea how that happened.  I eat like a horse all day every day.  I told her that I deserve no credit.  She didn't care, she was just glad.

Stunning to me is that I am NOT gestationally diabetic.  I have not been before, but I just felt like this time was my turn.    I am older and have a history of a previously large for gestational age baby.  But I dodged the bullet.  I was pretty afraid about giving up my Qdoba habit. 

I still have not had issues with morning sickness.  I keep waiting for it to hit me, but I feel like if I made it this long I should be pretty good.  I am walking fine with little to no hip pain.  I do the best if I work in the ED were I walk all day long.  Sitting in NICU makes my hips get sore.  I really have had my least complex pregnancy ever, and for that I am very grateful.  But - I still have this strong pull/calling that it is time to stop.  Time to count my blessings and focus on what I have.  I can't ever commit to such a thing, but I for the first time in my life I finally have that "its time to stop having babies" feeling that I never could understand in other people.

But for now I am going to revel in this little baby kicking me and try to enjoy the rest of the ride.

More recent update:  I got the stomach flu and ended up having to spend a few hours in triage to get some IV fluids.  It's amazing what some IV nausea meds and LR can do to get you right back on track.  


  1. Yea for 31 weeks!!!! Enjoy every minute...Leah needs a man!

  2. Sounds like things are going great!! hope to see you soon!



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