Friday, August 5, 2011

::raccoon lake::

Yesterday we pulled out the old boat and finally made it to the water.  Our boat is just the kind of boat you would expect us to have.  It runs only with Josh's tender loving care, it was super cheap, and it is old but still holding it together.  I like to say it has character.

I have no idea how the summer got so away from us that this was our first time to go to the lake but it happened.  We went to raccoon lake, which is about 45 minutes from our house.  Josh has taken the kids there lots of times but this was my first time to go since I was a kid.  This was also the first time we got to take all three kids and just us.  I love making it a big family event, but going just us was amazing. 

We had a blast.  The kids had us score them on their cannon balls and various other twist turn jump dives.  Max decided he didn't want any one to hold him and he "swam" around in his life jacket like a little bobber.  I mostly floated around with various noodle floats holding up my belly and gigantic new boobs.  (Seriously - they are monsters this time.  Biggest ever - I hope I get to buy some just like them eventually.)

Yesterday is something I want to remember.  No phones, no movies - just us.  Enjoying each other.  Playing together.  Laughing at milestones.  Love it.

PS- I have a future dream.  Someday when we are too old for the farm life I want a lake house.  A place were the grand babies come and spend the summer getting beat up by a tube, or jumping off the dock roof. 


  1. It sounds so wonderful. So happy you had a great time on the lake. I have been off the grid for so long I am just catching up on over 1000 posts. Hopefully I will be able to catch up with yours soon too.



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